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Rob Alvey IS Mark Twain

Rob Alvey Frog World Ceramics 

Daddyhood World

"If you want to know anything at all just ask Mommy. If you want to go camping and get dirty, just ask me."

Robert Alvey


It's complicated. I certainly resemble the celebrated author and humorist Mark Twain and have used that to do professional impersonations on stage for many years, including being a guest at the famous Friar's Club in Manhattan, off Broadway, and even starred in the premiere performance as Mark Twain in the original Audio Play, "Twain and Tesla- Annihilating the Difference" at the historic Radio Waves Building in Manhattan. I also have acted as Twain on Mississippi and Lake Tahoe Riverboats and spend some time doing my impersonation for charities. Check the YouTube link for some samples. 

Another basic part of me is a lifelong love of frogs, including Kermit, and my 40 years of ceramic sculpture recreating the 'Frog World of Rob Alvey' with literally over 1,000 individual ceramic sculptures of this imaginative Frog World. My work has won numerous prizes in art shows across the country. I spent a number of years with the Long Island Crafts Guild and was editor of their newsletter. I am probably the only person in the US with a collection of over 50 frog themed neckties, and am the proud owner of my Kermit the Frog wristwatch to go along with nearly 10 frog themed Hawaiian shirts.

Most importantly, I'm a father to three daughters and have over 100 years of "daddyhood" experience as a dad and have made every mistake possible since I lost the 'Rulebook for Perfect Daddyhood' long ago and had to wing it every time I tried to do something with my girls.  Fortunately, I had married the true Goddess of Mommyhood who makes up for my error filled ways. My humorous stories are all true have been published over the years in the local Long Island community newspapers. Many have been collected and published in a hardcover and e-book in 2021, and the audiobook is now available.  If you or someone you know is becoming a new daddy, get them this book! 

Thanks for reading!  More to come!  I'm working on a new book, "Robert Becomes a True Floridiot"



BS and MS in Geology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Believe it of not, I actually went to a very well credited university and became a professional geologist, even obtaining professional geologist licenses in several states. I was a geologist for the US Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund Division for over 20 years.  

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