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Who Is Rob Alvey?

Welcome again to the website of Rob Alvey! Thank you for being curious and visiting. I will note that there are a number of people in the US with the name of Rob Alvey, or Robert Alvey and first want to clarify that I am NOT the Robb Alvey who has spent his career rating roller coasters.  

I have different interests. Completely. First, I happen to like frogs and have spent nearly 50 years researching and reading about frogs. This led to an interest in offbeat ceramic sculpture and the recreation of a world of fantasy frogs such as Frojans based on Roman Civilization, Egyptoads based on Ancient Egypt, and even Turtle Tribesmen, based on ancient Greek civilizations. My newer work is shown on another page. 

I also have a page and short videos on my impersonations as the famous American author and humorist Mark Twain. I enjoy performing and have even appeared at the historic Friars Club as Mark Twain. 

Most importantly, I enjoyed a lengthy career as a dad, and have a page on my  experience as a Daddy, trying to help raise three daughters without following "The Rulebook for Perfect Daddyhood". Trust me when I say the book is actually funny, and do me a favor by ordering a copy. 

Lastly, I actually worked for a career as a geologist and retired from the US Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund Division in 2017.  Yes, a real scientist!  


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