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 The Rulebook For Perfect Daddyhood

Daddies should NOT always use duct tape to stop their children from complaining.

You can creatively communicate with your children by adding "Napkin Notes" to their school lunchbox. 

Sample audio chapter from The Rulebook For Perfect Daddyhood

03_Rulebook for Daddyhood_Chapter 2_EM
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The Rulebook For Perfect Daddyhood has been published! It is available in Hardcover as well as an e-book, and will be available as an audiobook in August 2022!  All versions can be easily found on-line, but if you want an autographed copy of the hardcover, contact me directly for placing your order! 


Publisher: BookBaby

Publication date: 03/01/2022

NOTE: I spent so much money getting the book into print, I was forced to do my own advertising with no budget.

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